As Real As California

I had a virtual doctor’s appointment scheduled at the same time I potentially had to go from California to Arizona. When I mentioned this to the doctor, the doctor told me that I could not be treated if I was in Arizona. The license only allowed treatment in California. A few inches, feet, or miles do not make a meaningful difference in digital communication. The construct of a state or a license, however, affected both of our decisions. California is not real in the way the Arizona desert is real. Yo do not see the boundary in real life. It is an idea, a story, we all agree to act as real.

I was listening to a podcast where a question was asked by the host. I immediately had a thought and a follow up fantasy response. It was something immature. I did not identify with the thought. I started to think that is something teenage Bryan would have thought. This lead to musing about how young me is still in there. Wherever there is. I have a construct of Bryan and I have a physical brain. That brain produced thoughts, but some of thought are observed by Bryan and labeled as Bryan’s thoughts, and others are not. I am sure its not arbitrary labeling. Still, it sure seems that Bryan is only as real as California.