Daily Inspiration

I started this section on the blog because I was inspired. There are several Twitter threads I have seen about writing and everyone one of them has mentioned that the great writers were consistent. I just want to get less bad. I suspect practice still applies.

The action-initiating inspiration was from Seth Godin’s podcast Akimbo. The episode “Paul has a practice” has Seth’s take about “The Beatles: Get Back” documentary shows examples about how the habits, dynamics, and personalities lead to a practice that resulted in one of their albums and best songs they created. Seth calls this out as an example of practice facilitating the transition from bad to good. Seth also calls out how the constraints and the situations, which were engineered, enabled the practice.

This is what inspired me. I needed a constraint to facilitate my practice. And I needed to give myself permission to do it badly. We all learn the same way – We start out doing badly, then we get better with practice.