Electronic Oceans

My favorite part from my Quantum Field Theory class from grad school was the idea that particles are excitations of a quantum field. Take your body, and all the cells in your body, and all the molecules in those cells, and all the atoms in those molecules, and all those electrons in those atoms, and know that they are all electron waves of some universal electron ocean. That your electrons, and my electrons, and the Sun’s electrons are all a part of the same thing.

I have an intent in my mind to move my fingers and type this sentence. There were electrons that moved that hit keys, cascading more electrons that traveled to a server that saved data to a database that is written on a disk. You’re reading a screen powered by moving electrons, hitting eyes that propagate the information to your brain with electronic motion. And all these different things, at different times, that we construct as distinct. They are all part of the same ocean.

It was a great class – though electronic oceans were not on the final.