Zone 2

I have not done Zone2 workouts since I used to d triathalons. More than a decade ago? What happened to the time….

I started doing zone-2 heartrate based workouts for all my ‘easy’ workouts the last few weeks. My hard workouts have suddenly gotten very easy and outputs that used to be a struggle are suddenly sustainable.

The bottleneck for my performance apparently had something to do with my energy supply and was limited by my ability to use/oxidize fat into energy. Doing training that improved this bottleneck lead to an improvement in performance. Training harder would never have done that since it would engage the bottleneck without improvement.

Often we can not improve something by doing more of it. Focusing on one aspect of what we do can make us blind to what we can do to improve it. This is especially true when we engage with complex systems. All systems have capacity constraints. Focusing on the final output is not offten illustrative of these constraints.

I stumbled back into zone-2 by allowing myself to engage in biking in a different way. Just suggesting you allow yourself the same opportunities.