This a collection of materials that I find (or found) useful.  It is mostly for my reference, but I hope that you find something useful here.  Let me know if you do.

Data Sets

These are sources of public datasets I use when I am wanting to play with different Data Science methods.

UC Irvine Machine Learning Repository (Zot Zot)

Xiaming Collection of ‘Awsome Public Datasets’

US Government’s Open Data

Data from MIT Human Dynamics Lab

Pew Research

GroupLens datasets (including movies)


Andrew Ng’s Intro to Machine Learning

Georgia Tech’s Online Masters in Computer Science


Donne Martin’s Collection of iPython Data Science Notebook

Cameron Davidson-Pilon’s Bayesian Methods for Hackers

Michael Floering’s Dive Into Machine Learning

Jenda R. Benetka’s Data Science Resources

Joseph Misiti’s Collection of Awesome Machine Learning Libraries


Elements of Statistical Learning

This is a really long list for me (More to be added)

Random Other Stuff

Student Machine Learning Projects/Reports


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